Gundam MK-IV

Gundam MK. IV

Developed by the Federation's elite branch, the Titans, the ORX-012/MSF-008 Gundam Mark IV was created mainly to battle the anti-Federation group Karaba, which was operating on Earth at the time. Developed at the Augusta Research Institute, the Gundam Mark IV was based off of the MSF-007 Gundam Mark III, which had been built by Anaheim Electronics. Though this large machine cleaved closely to the classic Gundam design, it also installed a quasi-psycommu system. This special system would allow a non-Newtype pilot to execute an all-range attack through the use of a wire-guided incom. The success of the Gundam Mark IV would lead to the creation of the ORX-013 Gundam Mark V , which borrowed much of the Mark IV's design ethics.


HP EN Attack Defense Mobility Movement Size Space Air Land Water Underwater
14040 132 26 26 27 6 M B - B - C

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