When the character who possess the ability is the main unit, opponent's character abilities are negated.

Character Level Learned
Amuro Ray (1st) Lv45
Char Aznable (1st) Lv45
Yuu Kajima Lv60
Char Aznable (Axis) Lv45
Amuro Ray (CCA) Lv40
Char Aznable (CCA) Lv45
Kincaid Nau Lv45
Zechs Merquise Lv50
Milliardo Peacecraft Lv50
Loran Cehack Lv50
Merrybell Gadget Lv55
Athrun Zala (C.E.73 ZAFT) Lv45
Athrun Zala (C.E.73 Orb) Lv45
Kira Yamato (C.E.73) Lv50
Allelujah Haptism Lv65
Ali Al-Saachez (PMC) Lv55
Ali Al-Saachez (AEU) Lv55
Mark Gilder Lv50
Claire Heathrow Lv80
Ivan Ivanov Lv80
System-Generation III Initial

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